New Patients Exams

Dr. Hartwell sees all patients with the exception of Medicare/Medicaid patients. All new patients will be examined after a detailed health history is collected to determine a treatment plan based on individual needs.

Body Work

When needed, Dr. Hartwell will apply cranial sacral work to the body which includes gentle pressure with her finger tips or hands. She also does visceral motility work and myofascial release. This work is very beneficial for the tongue/lip tied patient, reflux and colic. Body work can help relieve some  discomforts such as, pelvic heaviness, constipation, and shortness of breath.

Webster Technique

Dr. Hartwell is trained and certified in the Webster technique. This is a gentle technique used in late pregnancy to reduce intrauterine stress. It corrects alignment of the pelvis which can lead to the natural correction of a mal-positioned baby. This is NOT a technique that physically turns the baby, such as an OB preformed external version.

Sacred Spines Chiropractic LLC is not in network with insurance companies, however we will gladly produce the invoice needed for you to turn into your insurance company for reimbursement. While this may be disappointing, I urge you to take advantage of my prepay plans which makes family care more affordable. In many cases our pricing is less costly than using insurance. Check your out of network benefits, as they can often be better than using in network providers. We happily accept Heath Savings Account cards!   


Spinal adjustments are given to established patients who have been examined and deemed necessary. We are not a one size fits all approach. We customize the adjustment for the age and size and condition of the patient. 


Years of Experience

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