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Indianapolis Chiropractor, Prenatal Chiropractor, Pediatric Chiropractor, Family Chiropractor, Webster Technique, Cupping, Massage, Custom Orthotics

New Patient Exam

Our Doctors see all patients Men, Women, children (with the exception of Medicare/Medicaid patients). All new patients will be examined after a detailed health history is collected to determine an active care plan or a wellness care plan is best based on individual needs.

New Patient appointments require a non-refundable deposit of $50.*

Indianapolis Chiropractor, Prenatal Chiropractor, Pediatric Chiropractor, Family Chiropractor, Webster Technique, Cupping, Massage, Custom Orthotics


Spinal adjustments are given to established patients who have been examined and deemed necessary. We are not a one-size fits all approach. We customize the adjustment for the age, size, and condition of each individual patient. 

Craniosacral Therapy, Myofascial Release, Tongue Tie, Frenectomy, Indianapolis Chiropractor

Body Work

As needed, our doctors will apply cranial sacral work to the body, which includes gentle pressure with finger tips and/or hands. The doctors also do visceral motility work and myofascial release. This work is very beneficial for the tongue/lip tied patient, reflux and colic. Body work can help relieve some discomforts such as, pelvic heaviness, constipation, and shortness of breath.

Prenatal Chiropractor, Pregnancy, Webster Technique, Webster Certified, Indianapolis Chiropractor

Webster Technique

Dr. Hartwell, Dr. Herink, Dr. Wipperfurth, and Dr. Frazer are trained and certified in the Webster Technique. This is a gentle pelvic analysis used in late pregnancy to reduce intrauterine stress. It corrects alignment of the pelvic bones, muscles, and ligaments which can lead to the natural correction of a mal-positioned baby such as breech or transverse. This is NOT a technique that physically turns the baby, such as an OB preformed external version.

Emotional Polarity Technique, Alternative Emotional Therapy, Holistic Therapy, Emotional Health

Emotional Polarity Technique (EPT™)

Emotional Polarity Technique™ utilizes the science of forgiveness in a holistic emotional healing experience. Unresolved conflict can keep us stuck from living our best life. If you are ready to clear, strengthen, and re-align yourself to feeling like you, then EPT™ is ready for you. 

Custom Orthotics, Foot Health, Orthotics, Foot Chiropractor, Foot Evaluation

Custom Orthotics

Feet are the foundation of our bodies and we often forget that their health and alignment matters, too. We offer digital foot scans via Foot Levelers that take state of the art scans of your feet to develop custom and personalized orthotics for the health of your feet and overall posture/body mechanics.


BTL Emsella© Chair

BTL EMSELLA is a great option for women of any age who desire a non-invasive solution for urinary incontinence and improvement in their quality of life. Due to factors such as the body’s normal aging, childbirth or menopause, the pelvic floor muscles decondition and insufficiently support the pelvic organs. These factors directly correlate with urinary incontinence.

massage chair.jpg

Massage Chair

Sit back and relax in our zero-gravity full-body massage chairs. These chairs literally massage from head to toe with slots for your arms, hands, feet, and neck while your back and glutes receive continuous stimulation. The best part is that you get to customize your massage with options best fit for your needs.


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