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Mobile Phone

Phone Consultation

30-minute phone consultation with Dr. Hartwell to learn and ask questions about how EPT™ can help heal your family.

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Mother and Daughter Love

1 Hour EPT™ Session

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1 individual EPT™ session with Dr. Hartwell.


Yoga at Home

7-Session Package

At $150.00 an hour, when you purchase 7 sessions, you save $175.


Doing Homework

14-Session Package

At $135.00 an hour, when you purchase 14 sessions, you save $560.00.

*Package encouraged to be used within 12 week timeframe when possible.*


Family on Digital Tablet

24-Session Yearly Family Package

2 sessions a month for 12 months at $115.00/sessionwhen you purchase this 24 session package.

(Any immediate family members)


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