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Chiropractic Testimonial for Baby

This little guy came into our office as a colicky baby. Mom and dad looked exhausted and seemed like they needed a miracle. He had a history of a stressful labor and delivery, which made the beginning of his life stressful for their whole family.

We performed a thorough examination and began adjustments to his spine. We also began specific cranial adjustments.

After a number of visits, here are some of the changes that we have noticed:

His mom said she didn't even realize his latch was bad until she saw just how much improvement he made within the first few visits.

Overall, mom reports that he is more comfortable-he has less tension throughout his body. She has also noticed a significant decrease in colic and gassiness.

She used to think that certain toys in his play gym where his favorites, but after having him examined at Sacred Spines she realized that he was simply unable to turn his head toward certain toys. Now that he has come under care, he is able to turn his head to play with all of the toys in his play gym.

From our perspective, he has shown significant improvement with the specialized cranial work that we perform in our office. Not only has this changed the way that his head is shaped, but it has given him proper oral biomechanics and strengthened his nursing relationship with his mom. Because of the pediatric spinal adjustments we have performed, we have seen other significant improvements too. He is much less tense and less fussy. He is able to turn his head in all directions, which is incredibly important as he undergoes significant neurological development in his early months and years of life. He's now a baby who smiles and babbles in the office, instead of a baby who was inconsolable most hours of the day.

These little victories have certainly added up for this family and made a huge difference in their ability to bond and connect with their new family member.

His mom has expressed how grateful she is for the care that he has received at Sacred Spines. We are so grateful that his parents have chosen to have him examined and cared for in our office.

If you believe your child could benefit from a chiropractic consultation or examination, please contact our office to be in touch with our pediatric chiropractors!

Breanna Herink, DC, CACCP

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