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Pediatric Chiropractor, Newborn Chiropractor, Child Chiropractic Care, Postpartum, Pregnancy, Indianapolis Chiropractor

"I love Sacred Spines so much!! I was a hard sell on Chiropractic care until I was 32 weeks with my first child & she was breech.


I started going regularly & then postpartum for both myself & my little one. It made a huge difference in so many ways.

She is 2 now & with monthly adjustments she has not had an ear infection in almost a year! I am also in my 2nd pregnancy with no aches & pains & feeling awesome overall, thanks in large part to the staff here!

Scheduling and rescheduling are a breeze & you’re in and out in about 20 minutes usually. Love that it’s quick, easy, affordable. Could not recommend them enough!"

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Prenatal Chiropractor, Webster Certified Chiropractor, Webster Technique, Indianapolis Chiropractor, Pregnancy, Postpartum

"I started coming to Sacred Spines for care in my third trimester of my third child.


 After being seen, my pain was eliminated and I went on to have a seamless, easy and quick labor and delivery (less than 4 hours total!).


Being properly aligned definitely made my pregnancy and delivery more enjoyable."

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